Global Education Week 2015 in Lithuania

  Joining the Global Education Week 2015 activities and events throughout Europe, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and the activity organizer Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre invite schools and other institutions on 14-22th of November to discuss equality as well as to participate in the Global Education Week events, campaigns and contests.

 Global Education Week 2015 plan of activities in Lithuania:

 United lesson at schools “Equals among equals”

Purpose: To engage solidarity, dignity, empathy among different groups of society and provide them with knowledge which helps to realize the human rights and cases of abuse. During this activity the communities of schools are encouraged to use prepared methodology and to execute a lesson “Equals among equals”. 

 Experience sharing event “The supper of opinions”

Purpose: to look at the equality topic related challenges from different angles using experiences of different social groups such as politicians, social players, NGO’s, Youth organizations. In the event using quiz framework, the most casual equality abuse cases will be analysed.

 Final event of Global education week "Make Equality Real“

The activities of the event:

  • The final event of National „Mind Battle“ contest of schools (winning school team will be attending)
  • Students' conference, which aims to deepen the knowledge about discrimination and its consequences to the person, group of persons or the society in general.
  • Drawings and photo letter exhibition opening ceremony.


Creative contests for school students:

 Social commercial competition for students

This competition is created to enable students to analyse situations related to discrimination of various social groups in Lithuania. Older students will be invited to create social commercials using new technologies. (Videos, podcast’s).

 Drawing contest "We are all equal and our works are equally needed“

Designed for younger children to analyse, how every member of family can contribute to well-being of their family life and why every contribution is important? Children will be asked to express these themes in the drawings through various artistic methods.

 School initiatives contest "Equal among equal“

The contest is created to encourage schools to implement initiatives which deepen knowledge about human rights as universal rights to which every human being without exception is entitled.

 Photo letter contest "Letter for your peer“

The contest is created to develop students' respect for cultural diversity, empathy and solidarity with others and supporting those who are in danger. During the contest, the students, using the Add to Art technique will generate a letter to the peers from the other countries.




Joining the Global Education Week 2014 activities and events throughout Europe, the Ministry of Education and Science and the activity organizer Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre invite on 15-23 November to discuss a variety of topics on food safety and sustainable development, as well as to participate in the Global Education Week events, campaigns and contests:

International Conference “Progress in Protecting Children‘s Rights: Challenges and Opportunities“

The Ministry of Social Security and Labour, in cooperation with the Council of Europe and the Labour and Social Affairs Committee of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, on 6-7 November, 2014, is organizing an international conference in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, which aims to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Forum for participants of the education system “Is School Open to the Modern World?" (21 November)

During the exhibition ”School” held in the LITEXPO Exhibition Centre a forum is organized which will discuss the prospects of the education system, the opportunities and the ability to develop globally-minded citizens, responsible for themselves and their environment. The heads of educational institutions, teachers, students, parents, representatives of non-governmental organizations are invited to participate in the Forum.

Development Education and Awareness Event “The World and Me” (14 November)
Theoretical and practical seminars for teachers, creative workshops, presentations of methodological literature, as well as methodical and teaching aids and poster reports, also discussions on development cooperation and global education will take place in the event.
National Campaign “Lunch of Kindness"

Along with its partner “Maisto bankas” (Food Bank), the LCYC invites schools to join the food collecting and sharing campaign. The website offers schools a variety of options for transferring collected food to needy members of the community. The goal of the campaign is to develop students' solidarity, to draw their attention to the relevant problems of food wastage or lack of it in different social strata.

Day of Action “Safe Food: For Me, You, Everyone!” (17 November)

Workshops, lectures, film screenings for students will take place in the Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre, stimulating their reflection about global food problems, presenting differences of children and young people living conditions in countries of different stages of development, as well as other food safety issues.

Poster and Drawing Contest "Food for All"

Children and young people are invited to draw pictures or create social advertising (posters) reflecting the various aspects of food safety: the necessary abundance of food, its availability and consumption corresponding to the principles of healthy nutrition.

Week’s Menu Contest "I eat what ....."

The contest is aimed at making to think what products are the healthiest and best to eat in order to meet our physiological needs without making harm to the surrounding environment. It also aims to draw attention to local foods that could be more widely used, also to the impact the food on our table makes on the environment. Students are invited to create healthy, delicious and environmentally friendly dishes for the week’s menu.

Essay Contest "What the World’s Children Eat?"

In order to encourage children to think about the global food problems and to develop their sense of empathy and solidarity with their peers in other countries around the world an essay contest is initiated, in which students are invited to examine and compare what and how much of foods are consumed by children and young people in other regions of the world.

Photo Report Contest "Food in My Region"

During the contest students are encouraged to disclose in their photos the traditions and current trends of nourishing in their region, while calling to find out what products can be served on our table by local producers and farmers, and also to promote consumption of local food grown and produced near us.

Project of the Order of Malta “Days of Enterprises for Children and with Children 2014“

The aim of the project is to introduce children in child care institutions with representatives of various professions, to visit their places of work, to do some work and ask questions. 

During the event in October-December the children from 8 child day care centres of the Order of Malta and 27 other Lithuanian child care institutions will visit more than 40 domestic enterprises and institutions.

For more information about the Global Education Week and participation conditions please visit our website

National Coordinator of the Global Education Week - Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania

Event organizer - Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre




On 16 -24th of November in Lithuania will be executed the Global Education Week.  The national coordinator of this week is Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania. 
The main topic - Go for a Sustainable Life Style! This topic is directly related to the Millennium Development Goals. It has been chosen to paid attention to the impact of human action on the environment and quality of life, taking care of the implementation of sustainable development ideas, formation of a new culture of consumption values.

The organizer of national events is calling schools and other educational institutions to participate on the Global Education Week events and check how they are contributing to saving the Planet, how sustainable is their  institutions‘ daily routine, are the skills  of sustainable and responsible living developed with children and young people attending their institution.

Events, competitions and actions:

Conference "Education for Sustainable Development Educating Citizen of the World"

Sustainable school design issues will be discussed on the conference of education system participants, which will be held on November 20th. Environmental and development professionals will discuss how educational institutions are implementing ideas of sustainable development, stimulating children's interest in sustainable life style and promoting environment-friendly consumption.

Essay contest "Letter from the future“

On this competition, children and young people are invited to write letters about what will be waiting our planet for 100 years or more, how future generations will appreciate our style of living and efforts to preserve a clean and safe environment.

Multitasking clothing contest "5 x suit = different beauty"

Creative competition about creating 5 different one clothing ensemble or school uniforms according to the school rules and uniform wear requirements. This competition encourages thinking about the uniforms in reducing emissions of clothes and environmental pollution.

Poster competition "Drop by drop"

Think about the importance of water in everyday life and importance on the global context of the world. Participants should create a poster calling for water saving and submitting ideas how to publicize water shortage problems in the validity and relevance. The winning poster will be printed and distributed to educational institutions.

Most beautiful "Sills farm“ competition

Think about the plants growing cycle characteristic, install your window sill farms and grow vegetables or herbs. Sills farms must use environmentally-friendly technologies, natural farming principles.

  Drawing contest "Renewable energy sources"

Alternative, renewable energy is now not just a fashionable term, but also relevant and promising area of ​​energy production. What are the prospects of energy using? How does this fit in our environment? How it will change our lives? Children are invited to draw the possibilities as they see the future of this energy sourses, imagine about how it should be used in the schoolyard or home environment.

Photography contest "Waste sorting style"

Children are called to send pictures which shows how to store waste at home until it gets to the large containers, how to sort at school. Pupils can create (draw, make, apply) by themselves tanks for sorting, that is not only environmentally friendly habit, but also a stylish interior detail.

Ideas competition "Bicycle: Autumn-Winter-Spring“

We invite you to share ideas and discoveries, how to prepare a bicycle or customize clothes to bike ride safely in all weather conditions and at any time of year. Participants of the competition are asked to provide some descriptions of their ideas and created layouts or as adapted bicycle photos.

School initiatives contest by the topics: Electricity, Heating, Water, Waste, Food, Mobility, Consumption

Schools are invited to share ideas on how they implement environmental education ideas, by which conception they can reduce electricity, heat and water using. They are called to promote environmentally-friendly food culture and show ways to encourage children to think about the choice of transport alternatives and their impact on the environment.

The Methodology of Global Education "From theory to practice" presentation for pedagogues

In 2013 was developed a practical methodology of the Global Education ideas implementation in the educational process. In November, at 4 different cities will be organized seminars for teachers how to use this Practical Methodology. The teachers will be familiar with the importance of Global Education and will test the Methodology authors proposed methods.

Day of action "Go for sustainable lifestyle!“

On November 21th in Lithuanian Youth Centre will take a place „Day of action“ which accommodates lectures and workshops, contest participants exhibition and concert.

The national coordinator of Global Education Week - Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania

Event organizer - Lithuanian Youth Centre

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